I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the marketing tips I've used and others I'd never thought of before. I think the gem in this ...book are the testimonies that Authoress Evelyn Jackson shares with each tip. It's one thing to have a author tell you to do something in theory...but even more rewarding when you can read the rewards the tips yield.I love the segment on saying no, as this has been an issue I've dealt with in business. Again, there are some great inexpensive resources you can use to spread the word on your business. I love the enthusiasm of Ms. Jackson and her straight forward approach to telling it like it is. I love her appreciation for life particularly when she was so close to losing hers after a car accident. In that, it forced her to get serious about her business and understand that nothing is handed to you...you have to put in the work. She's creating a legacy with her own unique style and approach which is so refreshing in this look a like marketing world.I'm definitely going to implement some of her tips...particularly the restaurant tip. I don't want to give anything away...Buy the Book!!! I guarantee you'll find something you can use to grow your micro-business.My one regret is that I ordered the Ebook versus having the paperback to keep with me in the field.Kudos Ms. Jackson!


Tanya Marie Lewis

Ceo/Owner of Motivating Handmaiden





Thanks for everything you've taught me, just know that everything was received!


Marie Woods FabFace

Makeup Artist at Fab Face Artistry





The book is the best resource a REAL PERSON IN BUSINESS trying to get to millionaire status can use. I purchased 3 and got it as an ebook. I love learning from millionaires that are there, but I love learning from Authoress Evelyn Jackson who is on her way there sooner than she thinks. Real people that have real insights take you further....

(now...dont forget her 2nd book)
Ceo Dana Neal
Coach Dana Enterprises
Authoress Evelyn Jackson of SBTutors...WOW....your books are THE BEST EVER!!!...! I cannot believe how much I have been holding myself back..but no more....because it is on starting tonight!!! Flyers already in the works and I already recruited 3 ppl to knock out that mission starting tomorrow..will soon have my 2 accounts and I guess I won't be eating out anymore expect for when it's just me, myself and I and my tip...LOL I really love that!! I just truly LOVED reading both of your books!!!! Yup I read both already and took notes the entire way..now it's time to put it in action!!
SO I am feeling great and ready to really watch my business soar!! I am so ready for 2012...doabout her business!!! I am SO excited!!! {Buy Her Books---> n't slack yall..get up with Ms. Evelyn..they don't call her the BEAST for no reason!! She means business when it comes to being successful
Brittany Allen
Owner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams
I was reading ur blog on facebook and I was wondering if there was anything else I could learn from you far as the business that's not in the book that I have brought or do I need to purchase all three because lady I want to be just like you when it's all said and done and I no it don't happen over night. You are the best.. 
Donna Corry
Owner of Pretty Incredible Gifts 
So I want to thank YOU! Your book ignited something in the ladies today! After the ook because without it I would have spent money I did not have to grow my businesses.meeting I helped another lady order her first pair of magnets for her van! She was also the one to order your book! There was a college student there & she is taking some of your tips back to campus so she could grow her business. I told your story & they was inspired by how you overcame & built such successful businesses! Everyone was like can you send me the presentation, can you send me some more tips, I'm going to order this book etc. I was super GEEKED about the outcome & my upline was RAVING about it to the recruits we signed up today after the meeting! Thank you for writing that b
Trakelia Mzkiki'sCloset Jimerson 
Avon Cosmetics Leadership Rep.
I trust SBTutors to get my stuff out there because I'm only one person. Making cakes is what I do.. Marketing is what they do... and the response has been great.. Read the book, and you will save lots of money... 
Tiffany Kirby
 ** CEO/Owner of Pastry Divas**
So I had a really rough emotional day today and then OMG OMG OMG the mail came and I just got my Divalyn Pleasure Guide To Marketing Your Micro- Small Business. so excited. So you guys know that I am a recovering book junkie right. But I think this one will be finished by the end of the night Evelyn caused me ...to relapse. I love it already. WOOHOOO
Nicole Taylor
** Transformational Coach/Drive Coach & Consulting**
OMGoodness! I am so grateful for Minister Author MrsCeo Dana because she blessed me with two of Authoress Evelyn Jackson 's books. I read BOTH of them in one sitting last night while snuggled up in my bed. I tell you I was truly inspired, stretched, challenged, and most of all blessed! I loved the "realness" in these books. Evelyn made me feel like I could reach my full potential in my micro-small... business RIGHT NOW even with the amount that I have available in my finances and resources at this current moment. I tremendously enjoyed the "Ah ha!" moments as I read her tips and questions. I even laughed at all the funny stories she shared from her personal experiences. And I almost cried when I read her powerful testimony. Thank you so much Evelyn for opening up to those of us who are considered the "little people", because we are constantly looking for those simple keys to success. Now, I finally have someone in my life that I can relate to, and now I am on my way to growing my business by leaps and bounds.  If you are tired of trying to be like the Joneses, or pretending like everything is picture perfect in your business, I highly recommend you invest in these books.  - SUPER AWESOME - 5 STARS!!
 Tracy Foreman
 Owner of Royalty Spa Collection
I was telling my girlfriend about your book and I can't wait to finish reading it, it's an easy read book. Overall it was easy with real things I could follow and not pay out an arm and leg for marketing.  My favorite chapters 5 and 10 were the best... So, tell me when are you doing another book?
 Great book!!
Kim M Sudderth
**Author/Ceo of Angel Power Holdings, LLC**
Evelyn....thank you for the cost effective tips that should have been common sense to us all, but somehow and someway....these simple things that you mentioned in your book flew over our heads. It's the simple things that count. Most importantly, what impressed me the most out of the entire book, was how victorious you are over your circumstances! You are truly an inspiration who not only tells us, but also shows us with your actions, that we can all get up and dust ourselves off if we have enough determination and drive within ourselves! Your bio at the end of the book is a true testimony of my saying, "Excuses are like the people who make them....tired." Great read with awesome and inexpensive tactics to marketing! Clever and smart ways to promote promote promote! She really breaks down the meaning of "work smarter not harder!" Not only is she a authoress but she is a coach, marketing guru and beast, and multiple business owner. Check her out on fb "Evelyn Jackson"
Sequoya Willis-Moe 
**Motivational Speaker/Author of: The Flight of my life: Memoirs of a child abuse victor.**
My head is exploding of all the great and very cheap marketing tips that she has shared in her book.  I LOVE, LOVE IT AND still loving it.! Go purchase it now! I recommend this book to every small business owner or who are thinking of going ...into business.Thank you! I really just want to thank you for all of your support, words of encouragement and knowledge and expertise concerning my business and overall success. Your book has helped me out in so many ways, I can't wait til the 2nd one is published.  Thanks a... million.
 LaTersa Blakely
**Ceo/Owner of Baby Diaper Cakes and Beyond**
Evelyn I had to personally call you today.  I brought some products from a  Cosmetic company and spent over $100 and didn't receive not one sample, not one... I was so dissappointed.  I remember when I brought some products off of you even if it was only $10 you gave me bundles and bundles of samples... Well I have to tell you after reading your book and I practice what you told me, my business has grown tremendously.  I don't know what to say, but you're Notorious ( A bad sister) and On Point... I started giving out samples of my candles and Wow.... I've grown so much... something that simple changed my life.  Thank you so much Evelyn, you're awesome..
Betty Kennedy 
Kennedy Candles Inc..
Authoress Evelyn Jackson is accomplishing in ALL OF HER BUSINES...SES what most of us DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH....she came in with ONE book and told us how to build and market..then another book came in to show us how to make it in buisness and in life OUR WAY..not everybody else's way. Evelyn is your everday woman with everyday issues and building an empire...she's happy go lucky blessed and highly favored. I praise God I met her, because at a time when I thought I was beign stupid for doing me (having my hands in many pots and still trying to hear God) Evelyn would say something in her everyday conversation with all of us that would encourage me to keep on. I am the one who motivates and pushes others, but I'm also the one that has NO support group (at home that is) You will see that I always say even the encourager needs encouragment. If you want the advice of someone thats making it w/o big sales pages, and big investments, or big names or running after titles..you better watch Evelyn..she's a beast alright...AND A BLESSING. This book is awesome! There is no reason why every small business owner doesn't have this book in their purse, briefcase, laptop bag, and car! I am so serious. If I had this book 12 years ago, I would be on top of the world by now. That's okay; I'm doing great now! Evelyn, you have done a remarkable job with helping the rest of us get on point. I thank GOD for the insight He gave you.
Dana Neal
** CEO/Owner of C.K.Q. LLC/Motivational Coach/Author**
If you own a small business and you need tips on how to keep your cost
down as your business grows then you MUST purchase Evelyn Jackson book.  Get your e-book copy today and trust me your business will NEVER be the same! It will be the best purchase you ever made! I promise you that!
If you are a micro-small business then you definitely don't want to sleep on this! GET YOURS TODAY!
Trakelia Jimerson
** CEO/Owner of Renewbliss**
Ok Ok Ok...I got home @ 3:45pm today and saw immediately that my book was here, Guide for the Broke, Tired and Unique Micro-Small Business. Whew! Reading this book was an amazing experience b/c I really got to see my flaws! When I would say that I'm doing EVERYTHING I can for my business I didn't realize how much I was lying to myself! I haven't done a tenth of what needs to be done! Authoress Evelyn Jackson Thank you for guiding me in the right direction!!! The only direction, the TOP!!!  
Many blessings to you Thank you and You Go Girl!!!!! So to all small business owners that need a pick me up get Authoress Evelyn Jackson books!!! Go on her page and her website GET HER BOOKS NOW!!! Awesome quick read! It totally made me realize how I was hurtng my business and where I could really help it!!! Signed, Motivated, Encouraged & Ready to Work Business Owner!!!
Keisha Wealthy Johnson.
Thank you Evelyn I had a wonderful time with you too. We went to dinner and we did the first thing you said to do in the book it was awesome. I love my book:)
Prophetess Loretta Pittman
** CEO/Owner of Scriptures Inc. Boutique**
 Evelyn Jackson , models a system of marketing that is easy as PIE... Proof (She's done it!), Image (Leader/Posture/Larger than life), and Exposure (cards, facebook, magnetic signs, book)... keep it that simple and people will be falling all over you... great job Evelyn... 
Rick Gomez
** Ind. Business Risk Consultant and Business Coach**
For those who are contemplating getting Ms. Evelyn's book and own a small business you need to get it. I can't give away her tips on here but just know they work. I use all the great advice she gives me and my business is in the baby stages but flourishing. I know that if I follow her simple cost effective steps I will go well beyond what I can imagine. Thanks so much for writing the book Ms. Evelyn I said a lot without giving anything away.  LOVE YOU BUNCHES mmmmmmwwwaaahhhhhhh
Aisha Forrest
Owner of Creative Flare Events
Authoress Evelyn is Co-Founder of Pastry Divas and wrote a book for Small Businesses. She's an AVON Boss, She's a SCENTSY Candle Boss, She a Mary Kay Free Car winner Boss.  Just Call her MRS. BOSS and she don't mind sharing.  She's not intimidated.  Thanks again Divalyn Small Business Guru.  Authoress Evelyn, your book had me on the floor cracking up..  A must Read...
Tracy Harris
Loyal Fan
 Kudos to Authoress Evelyn Jackson I recently purchase her book "Divalyn Pleasure Guide to Marketing Your Micro-Small Business". This book is a must read for any and every business owner. Her marketing tips were out the box and unique. Not a lot of esoteric marketing language just straight forward no chasers. A must read if your serious about growing and marketing your business
Lorillia Brown Phillips
The Brown Wealth Plan/Financial Services



I wanted to tell you in person at your Beast camp last year but you inspired me to create an "Everything"book from your Blue book I bought.......you do so much more than you realize...wink wink
De Bolton
Owner of Successfully Dynamic

Clients who Love SBTutors Unique marketing !!



Ok, I need to let you all know that I met with Authoress Evelyn Jackson today, and she is AWESOME!!! We spent THREE plus hours talking!!! OMG the info she gave me is HUGE!!! I am going to get started on the things we talked about ASAP!!! I got the paper for the bag books, I'll start them now to have for this weekend!!! People, her ideas are INNOVATIVE!!! If you haven't booked FACE time with her, you SHOULD!!!! Evelyn, I WILL be updating you REAL SOON!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!


Into'me Hight

Owner/Antionette Hight




Thank you SBTutors/Authoress Evelyn Jackson for supporting us in promoting our 2012 Grand Finale Tour of "Wisdom Speaks" LIVE! The house was filled to capacity and I was told that the hostess brought out additional chairs.


 Love Ceo of Divine Diamond Ministries

Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker





Little Treasures Party Place

We would like to thank SBTutors/Authoress Evelyn Jackson  for our latest client who just booked a Princess Party. Their flyer distribution system really works. If you're looking to increase your business give them a call.



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