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I couldn’t use anything because my scalp burned like fire and my skin had huge lumps (hives) forming daily. I broke out all the time and had to take Benadryl often. Certain smells would create my eyes to water and become swollen. Something had to give! I then realize that I need to make my own products and it had to be about the benefits, not the smell good type of product. Relief2U was born from stress, depression, hair loss, desperation, thousands of tears, and being sensitive to everything and anything that said for sensitive skin. I went to Dr’s and after weeks of test, I was told I have an autoimmune problem, eczema and I would lose all my hair. I lost more than 1/2 my hair to Alopecia and broke out constantly to whatever my skin could breathe in. It was horrible. Today I watch my health and use my own products, my hair grew back, my skin feels good, and if I experience any kind of discomfort I put on my special healing butter, hair spritz, or gels right away. Forgot about the smells for a minute and realize that you don’t have to keep using chemicals, it’s always been about the benefits to me. We limit putting certain scents just to cover the smell of the natural products. We know some people are allergic to smells and try to keep our products as pure as possible. I’m a true believer in healing the natural way. Give Relief2U products a chance today.

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