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     Twenty years ago, a serious tractor-trailer accident left Evelyn bedridden for two years.  With her tibia and fibula shattered, the eight surgeries changed her life forever. She lost her banking job of fifteen years, an eighteen-year-old marriage, her car, and almost lost her house to foreclosure twice. To make matters worse it was a hit and run and the person was never found. This was the beginning of entrepreneurship and her new life of opportunities and failures.


     Her journey started recently after going back to school after 30 years, which led her to graduate from Community College of Philadelphia with an associate degree and LaSalle University (2019) with a bachelor’s degree.  Evelyn won scholarships, honor society awards, and other prestigious awards from different organizations.  She became the Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa at Community College of Philadelphia and the President of Commuters and Off-Campus Student Association at La Salle University.


     She’s hungry for knowledge and wants to share her journey and adversities so others can learn that failure is an opportunity for growth.  She didn’t stop there; she needed more experience and went to the World Coach Institute to become a Professional Certified Coach/CPC.  She helped build a mobile baking company (Pastry Divas) to succeed and became an author of three motivational business books.  She believes it’s her duty to help, grow, and teach others how to become successful in a depressing world of failed businesses.


     Recently, she became ill and lost more than half her hair to Alopecia and was told to deal with it.  She looks at every setback as a tool for growth and created her own natural products which grew her hair back quickly. She’s been named the Beast of marketing and Queen of problem-solving on social media platforms.

      New doors are opening as she grows her social media platform and become a passionate motivating influencer of women.  Keep your eyes on her because she makes things happen when others give up. She's the beast of marketing, the queen of social media, a motivational author, an innovator of change, and a problem solver to most. 

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